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A blog about the videography and photography of Eugene Buonaccorsi.

Work Trade

In my ever-eclipsing free time, I work with a great group of people to produce Creative Somerville Series. At a recent meeting we got to fantasizing about a sort of work-barter economy among our community. We think it's a great way to find new projects, while staying out of the client/artist relationship. Mia Scharphie, founder of the series and all around wonder-person, had reached out to me about doing some headshots for her design consultancy Creative Agency. Eventually we settled on the first of (hopefully) many work trades - if you see my portfolio's design sense get better it's thanks to Mia. We did her shoot in the beautiful Mass Design Co. offices in downtown Boston. Everything went as smoothly as I could hope, and it was a solid experience for all. 

Gene Buonaccorsi