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A blog about the videography and photography of Eugene Buonaccorsi.

Restorations in Seattle, March, 2015

For the first few months of 2015 I was working to extract the remnants of my website from a CMS that had stopped working. What this meant was that I had nowhere to publish full blog posts, and had to instead settle for little dispatches my Tumblr

Now that I'm back up, I want to go back and share some full galleries that never got their due attention. The first is from a fantastic set that Restorations put on at El Corozon in Seattle. I constantly harp on these guys, because that take everything I love about punk and hardcore music -- the passion, the emotional weight, the energy -- and package it in a way that is both beautiful, fun and entirely accessible. I waxed about their most recent album when it came out, and over and over again since. After you check out these photos, check out their music for yourself. Seriously. Do it. 

Gene Buonaccorsi