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A blog about the videography and photography of Eugene Buonaccorsi.

Cookbook Photoshoot

As I have mentioned before, I am spending the summer interning at Arcadia Sustainable Food and Agriculture -- a nonprofit based out of a sustainable farm on George Washington's old estate in Alexandria, Virginia. Today I got the privilege of sitting in on an incredible project that Arcadia, and more specifically my co-worker Juju Harris, is working on.


Juju is one of the most lively and inspirational people that I have ever worked with. Her dedication to nutrition education and outreach is amazing and the way that she creates comfort and warmth in conversations with complete strangers is something I am in awe of. Not to mention the fact that she is constantly making delicious food for those around her.


The project that I am referring to is a cookbook that Juju is authoring, with her target audience being people who use food assistance in the D.C. area. The recipes are based around the staples of the Woman, Infants and Children (WIC) supplemental food assistance program, and utilize fresh, locally available produce to create complete, healthy meals.

Today Juju cooked a number of different recipes from her book, and Molly Peterson worked the camera, bringing the ideas to life. My role was behind the scenes filming for a forthcoming video on Arcadia's YouTube channel, but I snapped a few photos of my own when I got the chance. It was inspirational to work in the midst of people who are so skilled at their craft -- Juju with cooking and Molly with food photography. The best of my photos and a more in-depth write up can be found on Arcadia's blog: arcadiafood.blogspot.com