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A blog about the videography and photography of Eugene Buonaccorsi.

A Wealth of New Videos

With some time freed up between finishing school and moving to Washington, DC for the summer, I was able to finish a lot of outstanding video projects that I've been hoping to finish.

The first is a compilation of a bunch of footage shot over the past four years of college. Much of this stuff was shot spontaneously, inartistically and without much of an afterthought. Why I'm leading with it I have no idea, as it probably means more to me than anyone else. Nonetheless...

Another ongoing project was the process of learning how to create timelapse videos using an intervalometer. Over the course of the past couple of years I tried time and time again to get better at the timing, the framing and the subject matter. I'm nowhere near the point where the work is as spectacular as many of the pieces that inspire me, but I put together a little highlight real of my attempts nonetheless.

Lastly, I filmed a quick musical piece while borrowing a friend's 5D. Since my T1i takes mediocre video, it was fun to play around with a pro-level camera, and fantasize about having a more powerful camera body (in the works). This was a lot of fun to shoot, as Momo and Duncan were basically creating the performance as we went, and I've always loved a good cover song.