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A blog about the videography and photography of Eugene Buonaccorsi.

Hawaiian Club Hakka Performance

A couple of my friends have been learning the traditional Haka over the course of this semester in preparation for the Tufts Hawaiian Club's yearly luau.


When I was a kid one of my camp counselors was from New Zealand and he showed us some form of the Haka. Seeing videos of it being done at rugby matches and watching last year's luau, I've always been captivated by the organized passion involved in the performance. I was extremely impressed with my friends' work.

Unfortunately I wasn't planning on photographing the event and ended up having my camera by coincidence. I didn't prepare for the sub-par lighting conditions or catch any of the rest of the luau, but I wanted to share some of the better photos nonetheless. I particularly liked editing some of the RAW files in B&W to capture the body paint.