Canon Beach via Olympia

There are little pieces of the Pacific Northwest that I would never find without lifers here to show me them. It makes me wish that I had shared more of my New England when I had the chance. 

Cascades vs. Aviators

One of my freelance jobs this spring has been as a highlight editor for the Seattle Cascades pro ultimate frisbee team. My role is to cut highlight clips during the game and post them as pseudo-instant replays. Those videos live here primarily, and here's an example from earlier today.

Between quarters and halves I am free to roam around and watch the game. All of the Cascades home games are played at Memorial Stadium in the Belltown neighborhood of Seattle (in the shadow of the Space Needle). The stadium opened in 1947, and it shows a lot of signs of its age, which I find aesthetically appealing. Today I took my camera out when I wasn't editing and tried to capture the experience.


Moved to Seattle via 5 day road trip. Here's some people, places and things I saw. In no way comprehensive, unfortunately, because of the speed I was traveling at.

Cincinnati, Ohio


WaKeeney, Kansas


Rt. 287 - Wyoming / Colorado Border

Oakland & San Francisco